Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture Community Service Program

The GFWC Arts and Culture Community Service Program encourages members to promote and support art and cultural programs in their clubs and communities, and to expand understanding on every level, from local and regional to national and international. Our goal is to create projects that include crafts, dance, drama, food, music, and other manifestations of art and culture that develop skills, awareness, and appreciation. It is designed to inspire clubwomen and ignite within them a desire to make the world a more beautiful, thoughtful, and caring place.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade


The Woman’s Club partners with the North Strand Optimist Club to create and ride on a float during the Annual St Patrick’s Day Parade in North Myrtle Beach.


GFWC-SC Christmas Stocking Extravaganza

The Stocking Extravaganza is a GFWC-SC annual fundraiser to raise money for the repairs of the Sims Stackhouse Mansion in Columbia. Each year, the North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club contributes by donating a decorated Christmas stocking filled with gifts, which is auctioned off on-line. The event takes place at the Mansion where attendees can participate and purchase raffle tickets. The proceeds of the auction and raffle tickets support the upkeep of the historic mansion.