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Advocacy for Children Week

Members read to children at North Myrtle Beach Library during “Advocacy for Children Week”.

Christmas Gifts for Seniors

CASA Gifts for Moms

In December each year the NMBWC partners with North Strand Helping Hand and North Strand Housing Shelter to supply Christmas gifts to senior citizens. In 2022, club members provided 35 Christmas bags filed with gifts to the North Strand Housing Shelter and 19 bags to the North Strand Helping Hand. 54 seniors were the recipients of the club’s generosity.

Gifts donated included personal items such as pajamas, sweaters, sweats, slippers, socks, gloves, and personal care items. The gifts were wrapped by members and delivered to seniors during the Christmas holiday. Members also created handmade Christmas cards for each senior package.

Monthly Collections Support SchoolsTools for Schools Project

Club members collect Campbell Soup Labels, Drink Tab Pulls, Box Tops, and Ink Cartridges each month. The labels are distributed to local area NMB schools and are used to help purchase additional educational supplies. This service project is an ongoing project for the club.

At the September meeting each year, members bring school supplies requested by teachers for needy school children. This ongoing project is called “Tools for Schools” and all supplies are delivered to local schools. In 2022, 42 club members contributed school supplies with a value of $1100!

Winter Coat Drive for School Children

NMB Woman's Club members donate coats to local school children.Unfortunately, some children in our local schools simply do not have adequate jackets/coats to wear during the colder winter months. When this need was bought to the attention of club members, they decided to do something about it. 

Every year since 2012 the club has contributed coats to the schools. At the October meeting, members bring a coat. These coats are delivered to local area schools and the teachers distribute to the children in need. In 2022, the NMB Woman’s Club donated 55 coats with a estimated value of $800.00.

North Strand Helping Hand

North Strand Helping Hand is committed to helping families and individuals in need by providing food, clothing, and household items. The NMBWC is a strong advocate for this charity. Club members volunteer at the facility and help at the reception desk and with other clerical duties.  

Club members brought sugar free Valentine candy to the 2023 February meeting. The Civic Engagement Committee wrapped 15 bags to home bound seniors, 30 bags to the North Strand Helping Hand and the remainder to two firehouses in NMB. The candy was distributed in small gift bags and homemade Valentine cards were included.

In April 2023, the club donated 187 jars of peanut butter and jelly to restock the facility’s pantry. In November 2022, the club donated 142 pounds of stuffing, gravy, instant potatoes and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinners.

Homelife I Committee provides lunch to Habitat volunteers.