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GFWC North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club Officers for April 2022-April 2024

Connie Holston

Sandy Walter
Vice President
Membership Chair
Angela KingAngela King
First Vice President
Program Chair
Connie Lawson
Second Vice President
Sharon SlaterSharon Slater
Beth McLean
Recording Secretary
Stephanie Hankins
Corresponding Secretary
Janine Lawson – Parliamentarian

Sue BurgessSue Burgess

GFWC North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club Committees
April 2022-April 2024

North Myrtle Beach Woman's Club committee meeting.

Advocacy for Children
Serves as a liaison between club and community resources focused on children, e.g., Sea Haven, Children’s Recovery Center, SOS Autism, Girl Scouts, Children’s Advocacy Week, USO Reading Program, St. Jude’s, Pinwheel Garden
Chairpersons: Melissa Pack and Susan Curley

Supports community art education by supporting and bringing awareness to artistic events and endeavors such as St. Patrick’s Day Float, Christmas Stocking Extravaganza
Chairperson: Stephanie Hankins and Co-Chair: Debbie Ritter

Budget and Finance
Recommends charitable allocations, approves budget expenditures, and approves funding greater than $100
Chairperson: Juliet Casper

Drafts changes to the club constitution and presents to full membership club for vote
Chairperson: Brenda Tarkenton

Responsible for devotions at club meetings or appointing an alternate in their absence
Chairperson: Connie Lawson

Communications & Publicity
Maintains web site, social media, & facilitates publicity for club news and events in area news outlets; Website: Kathy Heagen, Publicity: Joyce Thomas, Social Media: Tricia Kolb

Civic Engagement & Outreach
Facilitates education and awareness of health and wellness issues.  Facilities volunteer opportunities for club members through community resources and projects, e.g., Helping Hands, North Strand Housing Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, Crockpots for NSH Shelter, Veterans Advent Boxes, Valentines Candy for Seniors and First Responders
Chairpersons: Sue Erway and Mary Fischer

Organizes fundraisers and programs to promote education and literacy; collects items for “Tools for Schools” project; raises monies for college scholarships, collects coats for kids and other art projects for front line defenders and elderly.
Chairperson: Cheryl Watson and Co-Chair: Linda Perrault

Health & Wellness
Facilitates education and awareness of health and wellness issues.  Annual health screenings, Bold and Beautiful Wigs for Cancer, Seacoast Hospital Foundation.

Chairperson: Ruthie Robinette

Coordinates dinner reservations for meetings; collects payment for dinners; assists corresponding secretary with Hands of Friendship initiative; coordinates with Eastern District Officers for Eastern District meeting and Southern District Conference, and all club social events
Chairperson: Dolly McDermott and Co-Chair: Nina Kirby

Promotes club membership through recruitment activities; recognizes prospective members and educates members about membership expectations; oversees and maintains membership information; collects membership dues; completes membership reports to GFWC-SC; provides club name tags and updates annual membership handbooks. New members without a sponsor will be assigned one from the club to mentor them for 3 meetings.
Chairperson: Sandy Walter. Mentors: Susan Curley, Kathy Heagen, Peggy Optiz

Prepares the slate of officers for upcoming elections; presents the slate of officers to board members at the February meeting and to the general membership in writing prior to the March meeting; facilitates the voting process and oversees the vote count.
Chairperson: Debbie Ritter

Legislation & Public Policy
Designed to connect members with projects and activities relating to civic and social responsibilities.  This program focuses on citizenship, military personnel, emergency and disaster preparedness, safety & crime prevention and coordinates activities related to GFWC-SC President’s projects.
Co-Chairpersons: Allison Black, Sandy Ahearn, Juliet Casper, Andi Treon

Compiles club information for quarterly and annual submissions to GFWC-SC board.
Chairperson: Connie Holston and Co-Chairs: All Committee Chairs

Work with members to make sure they receive training for future NMBWC, Coastal District and GFWC positions. Facilitates eduction on where to find information on all topics through the NMBWC and GFWC websites. Attends meetings offsite when possible
Chairperson: Judith Yannarelli

Special Projects

Purses with Purpose Charity Event 
(Organizes, oversees, and promotes this annual fundraiser which is open to the community and is a live auction of donated handbags and purses and a silent auction of items and gift certificates collected from the community. There is also a jewelry raffle. Monies raised are through ticket sales, sponsorships, and raffle drawing.)
Chairperson: Jeri McCumbee, Silent Auction Co-Chairs: Angela King and Carrie King

Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention: Focuses on raising awareness of domestic violence and the resources needed to help victims. Partnering with the City of North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety as and other community organizations to provide assistance to people who have been victims of domestic violence.  Chairpersons: Judy Yannarelli and Andi Treon